Micromate FAQ

Micromate uses a chat-based question-and-answer game to test and impart knowledge in short learning units. The knowledge is tested by asking the question and the missing knowledge is conveyed via the subsequent explanation. In a personalized learning session, five questions on a specific topic are played along with hints on learning progress. The entertaining way of learning fits perfectly into the modern working day and is suitable for further training regardless of time and place.

Micromate is suitable for knowledge transfer in companies and organizations of various sizes, as well as educational institutions such as universities, colleges or providers of further education.
Micromate can be operated via Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) or via a web application or browser. It can also be integrated into an existing LMS (Learning Management System), such as Moodle, or any other application.
Different question formats are available: Single choice questions (with up to five possible answers) Multiple choice questions (with up to five choices) Questions with the entry of answers in free text fields True/false questions Reflection questions Both questions and explanations can be supplemented with images, GIFs, videos or audio recordings.
Content can be recorded and managed via Manage Micromate, a web application. Manage Micromate offers many other functions, such as managing learning groups or viewing learning analytics.
Yes, data protection is a top priority at Micromate. The application is DSG (Switzerland) and DSGVO (Europe) compliant. Further information can be found in the privacy policy.
Micromate has a wide range of applications. We would be happy to discuss the use of Micromate in a meeting and evaluate the costs together. The costs are primarily based on the number of learners and the functions used.