Microlearning is the heart of Micromate. Managers can manage the learning environment. AI Micromate automates processes and inspires users.

Learn Micromate

With Micromate, you learn as if you were having a conversation with a colleague. Learning in dialogue form is self-explanatory, interactive, personalized and fun.

Microlearning with quizzes

A learning session with Micromate contains five questions on a selected topic and only takes a few minutes. Different question types with images, audio and videos ensure variety and a sound transfer of knowledge. During the learning session, Micromate analyzes the learning behavior and continuously adapts to its counterpart.


Learning at the workbench

No new tool. No further login. Just a new colleague. Micromate learns with employees where they already do their work today. Be it directly in MS Teams, in the established Learning Management System (LMS) or on the company intranet. Micromate integrates seamlessly into the existing learning environment thanks to interfaces, widgets and plugins.”

Lernen im MS Teams

Dynamic learning progress

Micromate analyzes learning behaviour and evaluates learning progress on an ongoing basis. The questions answered and factors such as forgetting, regularity of learning and learning duration are used by Micromate to create a realistic learning progress assessment. This means that learning objectives are not only achieved, but knowledge is also consolidated in the long term.”


Fun, games and success

Badges, ranking lists and words of encouragement motivate learners to tackle even difficult topics. With the various gamification elements, there is something for every employee.


Manage Micromate

Managing a learning organization and creating high-quality learning content doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Manage Micromate is a fascinatingly simple tool to prepare Micromate for learning with employees.

Simple but powerful editor

Micromate not only makes learning easy, it also makes creating quizzes child’s play. But the editor doesn’t just stand out for its simplicity. With versioning functions, analytics, a catchy translation function and drag & drop operation, it also masters demanding content projects.


Simple organization of knowledge

Marketing needs different skills to sales and production employees need different skills to management. With Micromate, content can be flexibly assigned and learning objectives defined for different profiles.


Detailed analyses

Micromate not only imparts knowledge, but also makes employees’ learning progress visible. How committed are employees to learning? Which topics have they mastered? And where are there still gaps in their knowledge? Micromate analyzes and serves as a decision-making tool.


Interfaces and imports

Thanks to the flexible interfaces and import functionality, content can be synchronized from existing systems or imported manually. Micromate therefore integrates perfectly into the existing learning and IT environment.


AI Micromate

Generative artificial intelligence enables Micromate to achieve more than was previously conceivable. This leaves more time for details.

Generate quiz questions from documents

A suitable microlearning is missing for the training documents? Micromate creates entire sets of quiz questions from documents. The questions can be viewed and edited. This creates learning packages in no time at all.

KI Fragengenerierung

Ask questions like you did at school

Learning also means asking questions. With Micromate, this is also possible in the digital learning space. The questions on the topics are answered using the resources provided. References support the traceability.

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More success with a sustainable learning environment

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